RMS Core Services

Warehousing and Pipe yards

Rig Move Solutions operates 6 secure storage yards on Gazna Road, in the Ankawa District of Erbil.

All yards are insured, fenced, 24 hr. security, electricity, water & w/c, fire suppression, Wi-Fi

Warehouse No. Space Fenced Yard Features
Yard #1 20,000 m2 Yes Office and Storage for Global Geophysical
Yard #2 22,000 m2 Yes Offices, Maintenance Shop, hosting Baker Hughes, Marathon, Murphy, Stirling Group and Gazprom Neft
Yard #3 17,000 m2 Yes Offices, 9 Warehouses (4200 m2) hosting Oryx, Murphy, Marathon, OFI, and Starlight
Yard #4 23,000 m2 Yes 8 Warehouses (3600 m2) hosting Gazprom & Repsol
Yard #5 30,000 m2 Yes hosting Baker Hughes, Expro, Gazprom & Oryx
Yard #6 8,000 m2 Yes 1 Warehouse (650 m2) hosting GGS, iSOS, Fosroc

Warehousing and Storage Features

Our clients insured to $5,000,000 USD, against all perils*

Note: Due to our strong relationship with an international group of insurance underwriters, Client inquiries requiring special or unique insurance cover are always welcomed.

  • Restricted access, high-security compounds
  • 24 hr. Armed Security Guards and Patrols
  • Fire / Smoke Alarms, High capacity firefighting equipment
  • Complete coverage of security cameras and floodlights
  • 24 hr. Electricity, Water, Wireless internet service
  • Weed and pest control
  • 3rd Party inventory audits
  • Computerized inventory control, Receiving and Dispatch support
  • Onsite material handling equipment
  • Welding & Mechanical maintenance shop on site

RMS Brokerage Services

RMS provides 3rd party brokerage facilities for the sale or trade of tubular stocks, tools, materials and other assets.

Supporting activities include:

  • Independent 3rd party inspection and certification
  • Fair Market Value Appraisals
  • Archive Research and certification of supporting documentation
  • Import/Export documentation support
  • Customs Clearance
  • Domestic and International logistics support
  • Storage, handling, packaging, marking and load lashing
  • Vendor or Buyer vetting (Dun & Bradstreet / LexisNexis)

RMS Liquidation Service

RMS provides clean out and removals

  • Scrap, defective and damaged goods can be liquidated for fair market scrap value
  • Repairable or reusable goods can be liquidated for recycling core value
  • Serviceable goods can be liquidated for fair market used / second-hand value
  • We can arrange material handling, transport, manifesting and bills of lading
  • As this is a commission based service, you can be assured that we will work hard to get you the best deal and the highest market price available