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RMS 2017 Q3 Update #4

RMS and Heli Excel open Cargo and Passenger Heliport on RMS Compound #3. RMS is proud to welcome Heli-Excel's Erbil Cargo Heliport and VIP passenger lounge to RMS Compound #3 on Gazna Road in Erbil. RMS has been awarded the exclusive Cargo GSA and will provide cargo...

RMS 2017 Q3 Update #3

Restrata resumes operations of their training center & drill rig simulator at RMS Compound #2   Another sign that the Kurdistan O&G industry is recovering; Brosk Ali, Operations Supervisor for Restrata has informed me that they will resume operations at...

RMS 2017 Q3 Update #2

LST Advanced Life Support Ambulance Service to be stationed at RMS Compound #3 RMS is pleased to announce that Life Support Team Hospital & Clinics has selected RMS Compound #3 as it's North Erbil ALS Ambulance station. With its close proximity to Ankawa Bypass...

RMS 2017 Q3 Update #1

RMS to provide expedited Cargo and Passenger service through Heli Excel helicopter in Erbil. RMS is proud to have been appointed Exclusive Cargo GSA for Heli-Excel, Erbil's first commercial helicopter service. RMS will provide ground cargo handling, and operational...


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